When You're Hot, You're Hot/Ko-Ko Joe/Smell The Flowers/Me and Chet - Jerry Reed (BGO)

ジェリー・リードの、こちらは1971年〜72年発表の4作。「When You're Hot, You're Hot」をはじめとするノヴェルティ系のヒットを連発していた時期で、何枚ものシングルがポップチャートにランクインを果たしている。

When You're Hot, You're Hot ('71)When You're Hot, You're Hot ('71 C&W#2/POP#45)

When You're Hot, You're Hot ('71 C&W#1/POP#9)
Thank You Girl
Don't Think Twice It's Alright
She Understands Me
Turned On
Amos Moses ('70 C&W#10/POP#8)
I'll Be Around (In All The Old Places)
Big Daddy
With You (Missing You)
My Kinda Love
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love to Town

Ko-Ko Joe ('71)Ko-Ko Joe ('71 C&W#7/POP#153)
Ko-Ko Joe ('71 C&W#11/POP#51)
Another Puff ('72 C&W#27/POP#65)
Early Morning Rain
A Brand New Day
Not as A Sweetheart (But Just as A Friend)
You'll Never Walk Alone
(Love Is) A Stranger to Me
Country Boy's Dream
Seasons of My Mind

Smell The Flowers ('72)Smell The Flowers ('72 C&W#18/POP#196)
Smell The Flowers ('72 C&W#24)
Don't Get Heavy
Endless Miles of Highway
Take It Easy (In Your Mind)
It Don't Work That Way
If I Ever (Love Again)
My Guitar and My Song
Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By
It Ain't Home, But It Ain't Bad
Pave Your Way Into Tomorrow

Me and Chet (with Chet Atkins) ('72)Me and Chet (with Chet Atkins) ('72 C&W#24)
Jerry's Breakdown
Limehouse Blues
Serenade to Summertime
Nashtown Ville
Mystery Train
The Mad Russian
Flying South
Good Stuff
All I Ever Need You
I Saw The Light

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